Scrum made easy

Scrum commitments connects Product Owner and Scrum teams to each other and makes their live easier. It helps a Product Owner to find a scrum team with a known track record and on the other hand makes it easy for a scrum team to manage their scrum activities.

Scrum commitments.com gives Product Owners list of Scrum teams, they can filter by industry, technology and location which dynamically change the list of teams that are visible. The result shows number of team members, rating from other product owners, indication of price, a link to view other Product Owners comments on the team as well as technologies and industries they specialize in.

Scrum commitments makes it easier for Scrum team to summarise the scrum commitments. At the end of each Scrum meeting they can enter the details of meeting and generate automatic summaries. Furthermore, they can send the automatic summarized emails to Product Owner and other recipients.

Goals of www.scrumcommitments.com are:

  • Help Product Owners find Scrum teams with experience relevant to them.
  • Give Product Owners a voice by letting them rate each sprint.
  • Give Scrum teams a URL to view their work history.
  • Make Scrum teams' lives easier by automatically preparing summaries of their commitments.

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